Members Area

Dear user:

We are happy and respectful of you who have been with the Team
But now that our policies have changed, we will upgrade to new servers, new databases, for many years to come. So to continue using, I want you to understand and sympathize with me when I decided to terminate the old host file and upgrade to the new web.

But at the same time we still maintain the old server for a long time, so users do not worry the data disappear will,
To continue using, I ask the user to reactivate:(but the problem here is only for former members already in the Team),, the activation fee is 50usd / 1 gmail for 1 year use (equivalent to VND 1,000,000)

But this fee will not apply to new members, don't ask me.
New members want to activate the activation fee is still equivalent to VND 2,000,000.

To activate the user please contact ZALO

HoaQuyGSM GiaLai
Tel:+84971300379 GiaLaiProvince