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Meizu Mobile Phone Models

Date 2020-11-12 05:49:03
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Meizu Mobile Phone Models

  • Range: All models
  • Codename: ✅

Meizu Phones

Meizu M8:

M8: Meizu M8

M8SE: Meizu M8 SE

Meizu M9:

M9: Meizu M9

Meizu MX:

M030: Meizu MX (Dual Core)

M031: Meizu MX (Dual Core) (New)

Meizu MX (Quad Core) (m03):

M032: Meizu MX (Quad Core)

Meizu MX2 (m04):

M040: Meizu MX2 China Unicom

M045: Meizu MX2 China Mobile

Meizu MX3 (m35):

M351: Meizu MX3 16GB China Unicom

M353: Meizu MX3 32GB / 64GB China Unicom

M355: Meizu MX3 16GB China Mobile

M356: Meizu MX3 32GB / 64GB China Mobile

Meizu MX4 (m75):

M460H: Meizu MX4 Global

M460: Meizu MX4 China Mobile

M460A: Meizu MX4 YunOS Edition

M461: Meizu MX4 China Unicom

Meizu MX4 Pro (m76):

M462H: Meizu MX4 Pro Global

M462: Meizu MX4 Pro China Mobile

M462U: Meizu MX4 Pro China Unicom

Meizu MX5 (m85):

M575H: Meizu MX5 Global

M575: Meizu MX5 China

M575M: Meizu MX5 China Mobile

M575U: Meizu MX5 China Unicom

Meizu MX6 (m95):

M685H: Meizu MX6 Global

M685Q: Meizu MX6 China

M685M: Meizu MX6 China Mobile

M685U: Meizu MX6 China Unicom

M685C: Meizu MX6 China Telecom

Meizu PRO 5 (m86):

M576H: Meizu PRO 5 Global

M576: Meizu PRO 5 China

M576U: Meizu PRO 5 China Unicom

Meizu PRO 6 (m80):

M570H: Meizu PRO 6 Global

M570Q: Meizu PRO 6 China

M570M: Meizu PRO 6 China Mobile

M570C: Meizu PRO 6 China Telecom

Meizu PRO 6s (m80):

M570Q-S: Meizu PRO 6s

Meizu PRO 6 Plus (m96):

M686H: Meizu PRO 6 Plus Global

M686: Meizu PRO 6 Plus 64GB China

M686G: Meizu PRO 6 Plus 128GB China

Meizu PRO 7 (m1792L):

M792H: Meizu PRO 7 Global

M792Q-L: Meizu PRO 7 64GB China

M792M-L: Meizu PRO 7 64GB China Mobile

M792C-L: Meizu PRO 7 64GB China Telecom

Meizu PRO 7 (m1792):

M792Q: Meizu PRO 7 128GB China

M792C: Meizu PRO 7 128GB China Telecom

Meizu PRO 7 Plus (m1793):

M793H: Meizu PRO 7 Plus Global

M793Q: Meizu PRO 7 Plus China

MEIZU 15 (m1881):

M881H: MEIZU 15 Global

M881Q: MEIZU 15 China

M881M: MEIZU 15 China Mobile

MEIZU 15 Plus (m1891):

M891H: MEIZU 15 Plus Global

M891Q: MEIZU 15 Plus China

MEIZU 15 Lite (m1871):

M871H: MEIZU 15 Lite Global

M871Q: MEIZU M15 China

Meizu 16th (m1882):

M882H: Meizu 16th Global

M882Q: Meizu 16th China

Meizu 16th Plus (m1892):

M892Q: Meizu 16th Plus China

Meizu 16 (m1872):

M872H: Meizu 16 Global

M872Q: Meizu 16 X China

Meizu 16s (m1971):

M971H: Meizu 16s Global

M971Q: Meizu 16s China

Meizu 16Xs (m1926):

M926H: Meizu 16Xs Global

M926Q: Meizu 16Xs China

Meizu 16s Pro (m1973):

M973Q: Meizu 16s Pro China

Meizu 16T (m1928):

M928Q: Meizu 16T China

Meizu 17 (m2081):

M081Q M081M: Meizu 17 China

Meizu 17 Pro (m2091):

M091Q M091M: Meizu 17 Pro China

Meizu m1 note (m71):

M463H: Meizu m1 note Global

M463M: Meizu m1 note China Mobile

M463U: Meizu m1 note China Unicom

M463C: Meizu m1 note China Telecom

Meizu m2 note (m81):

M571H: Meizu m2 note Global

M571: Meizu m2 note China

M571M: Meizu m2 note China Mobile

M571U: Meizu m2 note China Unicom

M571C: Meizu m2 note China Telecom

Meizu M3 note (m91):

M681H L681H: Meizu M3 note Global

M681Q L681Q: Meizu M3 note China

M681M L681M: Meizu M3 note China Mobile

M681C L681C: Meizu M3 note China Telecom

Meizu M5 Note (m1621):

M621H: Meizu M5 Note Global

M621Q: Meizu M5 Note China

M621M: Meizu M5 Note China Mobile

M621C M621C-S: Meizu M5 Note China Telecom

Meizu M6 Note (m1721):

M721H: Meizu M6 Note Global

M721Q: Meizu M6 Note China

M721M: Meizu M6 Note China Mobile

M721C: Meizu M6 Note China Telecom

Meizu Note 8 (m1822):

M822H: Meizu Note 8 Global

M822Q: Meizu Note 8 China

Meizu Note 9 (m1923):

M923H: Meizu Note 9 Global

M923Q: Meizu Note 9 China

Meizu M3E (a02):

A680H: Meizu M3E Global

A680Q: Meizu M1 E China

A680M: Meizu M1 E China Mobile

Meizu E2 (m1741):

M741A: Meizu E2 China

M741Y: Meizu E2 China Mobile

Meizu E3 (m1851):

M851Q: Meizu E3 China

M851M: Meizu E3 China Mobile

Meizu X8 (m1852):

M852H: Meizu X8 Global

M852Q: Meizu X8 China

Meizu M3X (m92):

M682Q: Meizu M3X

Meizu m1 (m79):

M465M: Meizu m1 China Mobile

M465A: Meizu m1 YunOS Edition

Meizu m2 (m88):

M578H: Meizu m2 Global

M578: Meizu m2 China

M578A: Meizu m2 YunOS Edition

M578M: Meizu m2 China Mobile

M578MA: Meizu m2 YunOS Edition China Mobile

M578U: Meizu m2 China Unicom

M578C M578CE: Meizu m2 China Telecom

M578CA: Meizu m2 YunOS Edition China Telecom

Meizu M3 (m98):

M688Q: Meizu M3 China

M688M: Meizu M3 China Mobile

M688U: Meizu M3 China Unicom

M688C: Meizu M3 China Telecom

Meizu M3s (y15):

Y685H: Meizu M3s Global

Y685Q: Meizu M3s China

Y685M: Meizu M3s China Mobile

Y685C: Meizu M3s China Telecom

Meizu M5 (m1611):

M611H: Meizu M5 Global

M611A: Meizu M5 China

M611Y: Meizu M5 China Mobile

M611D: Meizu M5 China Telecom

Meizu M5s (m1612):

M612H: Meizu M5s Global

M612Q: Meizu M5s China

M612M: Meizu M5s China Mobile

M612C: Meizu M5s China Telecom

Meizu M5c (m1710):

M710H: Meizu M5c Global

M710M: Meizu M5c China Mobile

Meizu M6 (m1711):

M711H: Meizu M6 Global

M711Q: Meizu M6 China

M711M: Meizu M6 China Mobile

M711C: Meizu M6 China Telecom

Meizu M6s (m1712):

M712H: Meizu M6s Global

M712Q M712Q-B: Meizu M6s China

M712M: Meizu M6s China Mobile

M712C: Meizu M6s China Telecom

Meizu M6T (m1811):

M811H: Meizu M6T Global

M811Q: Meizu M6T China

Meizu M8 (2018) (m1813):

M813H: Meizu M8 Global

M813Q: Meizu V8 Pro China

Meizu M8 Lite (m1816):

M816H: Meizu M8 Lite Global

M816Q: Meizu V8 China

Meizu M8c (m1810):

M810H: Meizu M8c Global

Meizu M10 (m1918):

M918H: Meizu M10 Global

Meizu M3 Max (s25):

S685H: Meizu M3 Max Global

S685Q: Meizu M3 Max China

S685M: Meizu M3 Max China Mobile

S685C: Meizu M3 Max China Telecom

Meizu m1 metal (ma01):

M57A: Meizu m1 metal China

M57AM: Meizu m1 metal China Mobile

M57AU: Meizu m1 metal China Unicom

M57AC: Meizu m1 metal China Telecom

Meizu U10 (u10):

U680H: Meizu U10 Global

U680A: Meizu U10 China

U680Y: Meizu U10 China Mobile

U680D: Meizu U10 China Telecom

Meizu U20 (u15):

U685H: Meizu U20 Global

U685Q: Meizu U20 China

U685M: Meizu U20 China Mobile

U685C: Meizu U20 China Telecom

Meizu C9 (m1818):

M818H: Meizu C9 Global

Meizu C9 Pro (m1819):

M819H: Meizu C9 Pro Global

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